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When art and nature collide, a beautiful thing occurs. Share the passion for conservation with local artists in the Forever Yours, The Land™ exhibit, a city-wide project of Palmer Land Trust.

© Darcie Hannigan, Pancake Rocks

In 2016, over 2.5 million trips were taken on two wheels through parks, trails and open spaces in Colorado Springs.

© Darcie Hannigan

Locally, Parks, trails, open spaces and access are a significant part of our high quality of life.  


In colorado, $994 million in state and local tax revenue comes from spending on outdoor recreation.

©Greg Frozley

84% of businesses in Colorado Springs Acknowledge that access to the outdoors helps them attract high quality employees.

*All statistics from the 2017 Trust for Public Lands Economic Benefits of Parks and Recreation in Colorado Springs report*


Land is essential to our identity as Coloradans.

Our quality of life and economy revolve around land. 

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